" Thank you for serving on our Appraisal Board for the position of Information Services Supervisor on March 10, 2004. Your input as a member of the Board has been invaluable and we appreciate the time and effort you contributed to our recruitment process.

            It was good to see you and I enjoyed working with you. Again, thank you! "


Fran Robustelli, Human Resources Supervisor


        " Microman Consulting has provided networking, computer systems, software, hardware, and system design services for my company over the past ten years. When I decided to replace my old systems, I placed a Request for Proposals (RFP). I requested bids from five of the computer suppiers which responded to the RFP. Three of the suppliers declined to bid stating that they did not have the expertise to configure the systems per the requirements, the other two bids were over $12,000.00 per computer.

            Microman Consulting not only had the expertise, but completed two systems for a total of $10,000.00. In addition when our company purchased DSL internet services from Pacific Bell the installer completely shutdown our office trying to install our DSL service.
Microman Consulting not only repaired the damage caused by the installer, but designed a system that allowed each computer to connect to the internet independently via DSL. There has been many occasions when Microman Consulting has responded to an emergency call from my company with out charge, and resolved our system problems although the problems were not related to the work and services that Microman Consulting provided. "


Kenneth A. Cole, Owner/Operator 

I wanted to express my appreciation in writing towards the commendable service your company recently provided.  As a small business owner, we're constantly faced with making crucial decisions within a limited time frame.  Recently we noticed our computer systems were having a slow response time and then we were unable to access our programs.  Being in the mortgage business, every second we experience of down time can have an effect on when a loan can close.  We contacted Microman Consulting, they troubleshoot the issue and resolved the problem within an hour.  Needles to say, we've now established a long-term commitment to the services of Microman Consulting.  Once again, thanks for the tremendous service your company delivered.



Dwight Brisco, Brisco & Associates, Mortgage Processing Company


        " I have been a client of MicroMan Consulting for more than ten years. I am the sole proprietor of my real estate appraising business. I had difficulty finding a servicing company that provided personalized service like MicroMan Consulting.MicroMan Consulting has provided hardware, software knowledge and expertise to my computer system. My system requires specific compatibilities between several software products unique to my business type. In addition to assessing my business needs, MicroMan Consulting helped me to understand just what my business needs are. 

        Three systems were created and designed for my business. All have the capability to overlap in functions, while continuing to operate as individual systems.
MicroMan Consulting has included in its assessments, forecast of future computer needs, and provided me with options of service and cost. This helps me to better assess my business operating needs. I have always found MicroMan Consulting to be a responsive, knowledgeable, creditable, professional business, who I, without hesitation, refer to other business acquaintances. "


Travis L. Williams, Owner/Appraiser