Since 1991, MicroMan Consulting has been providing IT solutions which reduce operational cost and improves business productivity!


Information Technology (IT) is deemed to be the single largest incremental driver for improving business efficiency and delivering a realistic TCO.  Whether the driver is Green Technology, Transportation, Medical, Bio-Technology, Building / Development, Law Enforcement, Utilities / Public Works, or Administration / Revenue; IT is the infrastructure for these core operations to deliver value, services, and impact which can be measured in both customer satisfaction and ROI.

The strategic implementation of core infrastructure technology, along with the successful integration of core business applications, such as CRMís, ERPís, VOIP, and other business applications whether canned or developed allows for a company to be competitive, productive, and effective in its delivery of its core business functions.

MicroMan Consultingís ultimate goal is to be your technology partner and deliver the right technology which allows for cutting-edge optimization of your business processes; therefore allowing your business to be more competitive and fruitful. We believe in building an effective business relationship with our clients and taking an active interest in resolving their technical challenges.